Storm Season Around The Corner

We’re getting close to a new storm season here in Green Country. There are two reasons this should be important for area homeowners.

1. Insurance Deadline for 2020 Storms

You may recall 2020 was a bad year for hail storms in Oklahoma. (actually, 2020 was just a bad year in general, right?) If you noticed a lot of your neighbors getting new roofs last year, it could be due to storm damage. If you haven’t had your roof inspected since last years’ storms, you may want to get it checked out before time runs out.

Most insurance companies require you to file a claim within 12 months of the damage. The first recorded hail storms in this area for 2020 were in March. That means you have less than 2 months to file, if you want to make sure you aren’t paying for the roof out-of-pocket.

Don’t File a Claim Yet

Don’t file a claim until you’ve had the roof inspected. At Dun-Rite Roofing we offer free inspections. Allow our roofing experts to come take a look to see whether you have damage or not. Our insurance specialist deals with insurance claims all the time. She can tell you whether you have any damage and whether it’s likely to be covered by insurance or not. We don’t want you to risk having your policy flagged if it turns out there isn’t even any damage.

We Can Help

If it turns out you do have hail damage, you will need to know when the damage occurred. For this reason, we keep track of storm dates for you. You can view our Storm Tracker to help you pinpoint the date of your damage. If you need any help with the insurance process, we are happy to walk you through it.

2. New Storms Mean More Potential Damage

The second reason homeowners need to be alert during storm season is because of new storms that could cause new damage. It’s important to stay on top of potential issues in order to save yourself money and stress further down the line. By ignoring issues now, they can get bigger and more costly the longer you wait. Not to mention, if you wait past the insurance deadline and then find out you need to replace your entire roof, you could be out the entire cost of the roof. That is something we never want to see happen.

Make sure you are protecting your investment by staying on top of any potential damage. We are happy to inspect your roof anytime.

Here are 3 ways we are helping take the headache out of costly repairs.

  1. Storm Tracker – We keep track of storms that might cause damage to your home. Simply bookmark this page and refer to it a few times a year to make sure your area hasn’t been impacted.
  2. Storm Alerts – Sign up for our free storm alert system. We’ll alert you via text if homes in your area have reported hail damage. If you suspect your roof has taken some hits, you can use our online request form to schedule your Free Inspection.
  3. Online Inspection Request Form – Our online tool makes it simple to submit your request whenever it’s convenient for you. We will get you added to the schedule and follow up within 24 hours. (during normal business hours)

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